2902 Swiss Avenue

Arnold House

The Arnold House is named for its best–known occupant, Dr. Theodore L.E. Arnold, a distinguished eye surgeon who immigrated to Dallas’ Swiss colony in 1891 from Zurich. One of the most architecturally interesting houses on the block, the Arnold House features paired and tripled columns supporting arched lintels, diamond-paned windows, roof finials, and a round-headed triple window in the main gable. The first nonprofit to occupy the house was the Historic Preservation League, now known as Preservation Dallas.

The Arnold House sits at the corner of Swiss Avenue and what is now Liberty Street. Liberty had originally been named Germania Street because of the many German-speaking residents in the neighborhood. In 1914, anti–German sentiment as a result of World War I led to the change of the street name to Liberty — considered a more patriotic reference at that time.

Information courtesy of Preservation Dallas.