Our People

Peter M. Miller
President & Chief Executive Officer

Brandon Abbott
Senior Infrastructure Engineer

Chris Anderson
Director of Operations

Alejandra Balbuena
Communications Specialist

Zimo Banta   
Director of Learning & Evaluation

Candace Barnes 
Vice President of Human Resources

Laura Bowers
Chief of Staff & Corporate Secretary

Carol Brabham
Administrative Assistant

Michelle Chiara   
Program Associate

Alison Flener
Director of Finance & Controller

Kimberly Flynn
Administrative Manager

Tamara Franco 
Program Officer

Amanda Fransham   
Senior Program Officer

Polly Garza
Central Administrator


Patricia Glasgow
Financial Operations Manager

Charles Glover
Vice President of Grants

Frank Harbor
Property Assistant

John Hardy
Property Assistant 

Steven Herrera   
Facilities Manager

Paula Herring   
Vice President of Finance & Treasurer

Regina Joseph

Mary Jud
Executive Suites Program Coordinator

Meggie Li
Human Resources Generalist

Michael K. McCoy
Vice President of Climate Impact

Rene Mendoza
Property Assistant

Ben Miller
Learning & Evaluation Analyst


Christina O’Brien
Project Manager

Adeniran Ogundipe
Infrastructure Engineer

Meghan Parry
Vice President of Communications

Ray Pecchioni
Property Coordinator 

Frank Quintero
Facilities Coordinator

Bryan Sanders
Meeting Manager

Danny Schluter
Property Assistant

Rosie Sosa   
Program Analyst

James Stover
Property Assistant

Catherine Stringer
Accounting & Finance Manager

Lizette Villarreal-Montes   
Program Officer 

John Wagner   
Systems Analyst