What We Fund

Our Program Areas

Texas is diverse. So is our giving.

We provide grants throughout the state within our program areas and also our initiatives in education, environment, homelessness, and mental health.


Our founders were passionate about the arts’ ability to illuminate and reflect our communities, reimagine conversations, interpret collective identity, promote public engagement, and preserve memories.

We support organizations throughout the state that provide opportunities for all Texans to experience and benefit from the arts.

Our most significant partner is Southern Methodist University Meadows School of the Arts and the Meadows Museum.

Civic & Public Affairs

The social fabric of communities is enhanced when effective civic leadership and healthy public systems are combined with a strong network of nonprofit organizations.

We assist communities in developing leadership talent, promoting civic and public collaboration, supporting nonprofits through management and capacity-building, and improving processes and infrastructures for delivery of services to all residents.

We also recognize the importance of animals and the role they have in many people’s lives. We fund projects that improve their welfare and enhance the human-animal connection.



The link between quality of education and quality of life is undeniable. Knowledge empowers choices that influence our social and family environment, health and mental well-being, home and community, and career and income.

Each additional year of schooling increases earnings by 8-10%. In addition, early reading, high-quality instructors, access to equitable resources, and high expectations for all students improve life-long study skills and academic achievements.


With our population in Texas expected to increase by 73% to 51.5 million people in 2070, the impacts on our environment will be significant. 

We focus on systematically preserving our rich ecological and biological diversity for future generations while meeting our growing needs.

Canoes on Town Lake in Downtown Austin


Access to quality health care is essential. Health programs that offer a chance to rethink what can be accomplished with new knowledge and technology ultimately lead to Texans living healthier lives.

We invest in programs and initiatives that promote innovation in services and delivery and strengthen the ecosystem of care.

Human Services

In communities across Texas, people face overwhelming challenges and times of personal or family crisis.

We support programs and agencies that thoughtfully weave compassion and respect into the support systems that improve the quality of life for the most vulnerable Texans.

We also place emphasis on supporting efforts that systematically reduce homelessness in the Dallas area.