COVID-19: An Update for Our Grantees

Dear Friends and Partners,

Al and Virginia Meadows believed all Texans deserve the same gift they were afforded – the opportunity to live a happy, healthy, and productive life. At the heart of their philanthropy was a commitment to be a perpetual resource for good in Texas, so when yesterday’s problems evolve and take new forms today, The Meadows Foundation continues to help.

While the scope of today’s crisis was unimaginable yesterday, we are committed to Al and Virginia’s vision. We are working to quickly understand the critical needs in communities across Texas and finding ways to balance them with our existing commitments and initiatives.

We would like to offer our grantee partners insight into our changes and information on other available resources.

We will give priority to proposals that contribute to flattening the coronavirus curve, particularly those that provide access to healthcare and enable people to stay and work at home such as housing, technology, and food security. 

We are streamlining our grant review and decision process to expedite funding.

Reach out to your program officer if you need additional assistance or have questions about a current grant or one under review.

You are the heart and soul of our communities, and we are incredibly grateful for you, your staff, and your work.


Peter M. Miller
President & CEO