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This form is designed to assist you in applying online for a grant from The Meadows Foundation. The Foundation discourages letters of intent and asks that you please submit a complete proposal including all of the information on the online form that you would submit with a hard copy application. Please note that the open-ended fields in the form will expand to accommodate an unlimited number of characters.

You will NOT be able to save your progress on the online form. You may wish to format your information in a word processing program, then “paste” the finished product into this form under the appropriate headings. Please note that your formatting may be altered during the “cut and paste” process, so review your online application carefully before you submit it. Please do not attempt to attach files to this form, as the Foundation cannot guarantee the compatibility of word processing and spreadsheet programs. The entire form must be completed in order for your application to be considered.

You will receive confirmation of receipt of your electronic submission within one week. Applications are generally considered by the Board of Directors within three to four months. Should the Foundation require additional information to process your request, a grants program officer will contact you. Grants staff is available by phone or email to respond to inquiries at any time and may schedule pre-grant interviews with applicants as time permits. After receiving an application, a face-to-face meeting may be scheduled as needed.

While the Foundation accepts grant applications online, it cannot guarantee the confidentiality of information transmitted over the Internet. A printed copy of information that you cannot or do not wish to transmit over the Internet (e.g. organization’s current operating budget, audited financial statements, year-to-date financial statements and/or I.R.S. Letter of Tax Exemption) should be mailed to The Meadows Foundation and clearly identified as an addendum to your application.

Online applications are not required. If you prefer, you may submit a proposal in your own format following our grant application guidelines or use the downloadable application form provided on this website.

Zip Code: 
E-mail Address: 
Website Address: 
Brief History of the Organization and Description of Existing Services:
(Please include mission, current programs and accomplishments, current number of staff, and volunteers, and current population served, e.g., number served per year, geographic location, socio-economic status, ethnicity, gender, or age.)
Description of the Proposed Program:
(Please include a statement of need for the program, specific program components and logistics, the population and number expected to benefit from the program.)
Specific Dollar Amount Requested from the Foundation and Date Payment is needed:
List All Entities asked to give Financial Support to the Proposed Project:
(Please include their responses to date and dollar amount committed.)
Project Budget:
(Please include income and expenses.)
Plans to support the Project after the Grant Period:
(Please include projected income sources.)
Plan to evaluate the Project:
(Please include measurable, time-specific goals, a description of information to be collected to measure progress and how that information will be collected. Evaluation guidelines, sample goals and sample measures for different types of programs are available for your reference on our website, Under evaluation tools.)
A List of Trustees or Directors and Corporate Officers:
(Please include board of director titles, e.g., chairperson, treasurer, etc., profession, ethnicity and gender.)
Names and Qualifications of Staff involved with the Proposed Project:
The Organization's Current Operating Budget and Year-To-Date Financial Statements:
Please also include the following (may be sent via U.S. Mail, reference organization and project title):
Certified Audits for the Previous Three Years.
(If a young agency, send the last fiscal year's statements and the last IRS Form 990 filed.)
A Copy of the Latest Verification of Tax-Exempt Status from the Internal Revenue Service under Section 170 of the IRS Code.
(may be sent via U.S. Mail, reference organization and project title).

Please review your information carefully before submitting.


Please address grant correspondence to:

Grants Administration Department
The Meadows Foundation
Wilson Historic District
3003 Swiss Avenue
Dallas, Texas 75204-6090
214-826-9431, (1-800-826-9431 outside the Dallas area)
214-827-7042 (fax) (Internet)

Note: Written grant guidelines are also available in Spanish, and on audio-cassette in English and Spanish.